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What at first was only the expression of a desire aloft, today is vindication. You have been you who have pushed us to this formal request through your emails and comments and we have pushed a step further. We are in the moral obligation to do even the impossible to fulfill this dream .
So, knowing how difficult it is, maybe even a pipe dream, we begin to gain support for this initiative and to make ecclesiastical spheres queries about this possibility.
It ‘s nothing much and what you ordered. We believe that it is undisputed that Joseph Ratzinger eventually be named Doctor of the Church, we know it’s a matter of time and just ordered an advance. The advancement just for a person like him, who has managed to unite intelligence and humility , be public recognition of a lifetime dedicated to God and the Church.

All of our church life texts bear the stamp and letter of Benedict XVI, since Vatican II to the Catechism of the Catholic Church . He has guided us and led us by the hand to the Lord. You have answered our questions, has become our doubts faith conversions has caused atheists, has appeased our souls, made ​​us better… Benedict even through we have found the balance between faith and reason.

So from here , and seeing your response to this desire of his proclamation as DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH NOW, I ask that if you feel tied to it request you to subscribe in the short form that you will find at the bottom of the photo.

Thank you for your cooperation in this project start .


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